Silent Jack are a band on a mission; a very simple mission. They want to rock you, and rock you hard!
Playing straight up hard rock with blues influences and down'n'dirty riffs, the lads play music to make you scream out loud! When you combine musical influences such as Aerosmith, Motley Crue, and Guns N' Roses with the Bill & Ted 'Party On, Dude!' sensibility, what you get is a band that only really takes one thing seriously; the music!
   From Birmingham, UK, the home of heavy metal, the band formed in 2009 when a fledgling rock band was started by Adam and Scott Carson, and some school friends. They had almost everything required – guitar, bass, drums – all they needed was a singer. When Rich 'Stitch' Mason responded to their advert, what they got was a close imitation!
   The lineup fluctuated for a couple of years until the arrival of Dickie Spider as bass guitarist. He became a vital member of Silent Jack – in part because he had a car – and the band evolved into the monster it is now.
   Silent Jack don't believe that big shows should only be put on in big venues, and strive to make every show an event, rather than just a gig. Lasers, light shows, and ladies are a big part of every performance. Every show is a rocking rollercoaster with music to make your body move!
   The band have toured the UK many times, trying to play new places with each successive trip, have featured on festivals such as Deadfest, and Blood, Sweat & Gears, and have supported pirate metal band, Alestorm.
   They even have their own event, in hometown Birmingham, called Hard Roxx, where, as the name suggests, the best hard rock bands can show off their skills. Silent Jack love playing, and love meeting new fans, so each Hard Roxx event isn't just a show, it's a party!
   They may not be from Hollywood, and it may not be the 1980s anymore, but Silent Jack don't think that's any excuse not to have fun!

Silent Jack are:

Rich 'Stitch' Mason – Vocals/2nd Guitar
Described as having the swagger of Michael Hutchence, the vocals of a young Vince Neil, and the looks of Axl Rose, Rich 'Stitch' Mason gives all he can give to the vocal front, and adds a live performance with a level that many wish they could achieve.

Adam Carson – Lead Guitar
The epitome of understated, Adam Carson looks mild mannered in life, but on stage brings forth a barrage of hard rocking guitar sound, giving life to Silent Jack's music.

Dickie Spider – Bass
The heart and soul of the band, Spider brings the thumping bass beat that underscores so many tracks, and is the heartbeat behind the rocking music.

Scott Carson – Drums/Backing Vocals
Time keeping a specialty (most of the time!), Scott provides the backbone for all Silent Jack's music, and adds flair whenever appropriate. His vocals can be found in the background of many tracks, and his character shapes each song.